Software Development Process Improvement for Development Companies and Open Source Communities

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ALERT is the perfect system for Software Development Companies and Open Source Communities specially designed to improve development processes by helping developers on debugging tasks and searching for solutions among multiple information sources

Improve task assignment and triage processes on Organizations and Open Source Communities

ALERT helps you find similar issues and bugs and helping teams improve their performance when solving bugs and searching for possible solutions. It helps developers concentrate on development instead of manual repetitive tasks. ALERT can help you collecting bug info from different sources, searching for technical posts that might help resolve a bug and reading similar or even duplicate bug issues

ALERT is an Open Source project that aims to improve coordination, collaboration and bug resolution processes taking advantage from building a project knowledge base in collaborative or distributed environments by providing methods and tools for Software Development Companies, Open Source Communities and Developers

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  • Embrace Web 2.0 collaboration tools

    Help developers have access to centralized information sources, collaboration and notificaImproved reporting tools for live-status of Team and Project

  • Improved reporting tools for live-status of Team and Project

    Help development team managers with more realistic picture of the participation of team members on projects

  • Faster Team Interaction with Automation and Notification tools

    Provide effective interactions between teams, avoiding duplication of task and reducing communication tools use with automated events and notification tools

  • Automatically create a developer profile for your team members

    Use automated tools to gather and review information about your team members skills, expertise, languages and project contribution from multiple data source channels, specially social media ones, and start using new ways for talent management and variable retribution

Creates an Interactive Environment with Developers

It collects information from multiple information data-sources; it analyzes searching for relevant events for developers; at the same time it also annotates & saves meta-data creating a Project Knowledge-Base; and when it finds something relevant, it informs developers pushing them very customized and context aware notifications

  • Automation & Notifications

    to find possible duplicates or related issues and notify relevant facts to developers when they occur
  • Live Project & Team Status

    more realistic picture of projects and participation with info from multiple sources
  • Faster Team Interaction

    with Automation & Notification tools to keep developers updated
  • Development Tools

    integrate sensors & help coders concentrate on development instead of manual repetitive tasks
  • Reduce Time solving Bugs

    improve performance solving bugs and searching for possible solutions
  • Multiple Data Sources

    gathers relevant info from multiple data sources (ITS, BTS, code repositories, blogs, forums, portals, eMail, etc.)
  • Talent Monitoring

    Improve task assignment & triage processes on OSS Communities: assign developers based on skills , expertise and participation
  • Social Coding

    Automatically Create & Show developers profile