ALERT system

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ALERT is an Open Source project that aims to improve coordination, collaboration and bug resolution processes taking advantage from building a project knowledge base in collaborative or distributed environments by providing methods and tools for Software Development Companies, Open Source Communities and Developers

Creates an Interactive Environment with Developers

It collects information from multiple information data-sources; it analyzes searching for relevant events for developers; at the same time it also annotates & saves meta-data creating a Project Knowledge-Base; and when it finds something relevant, it informs developers pushing them very customized and context aware notifications

  • Automation & Notifications

    to find possible duplicates or related issues and notify relevant facts to developers when they occur
  • Live Project & Team Status

    more realistic picture of projects and participation with info from multiple sources
  • Faster Team Interaction

    with Automation & Notification tools to keep developers updated
  • Development Tools

    integrate sensors & help coders concentrate on development instead of manual repetitive tasks
  • Reduce Time solving Bugs

    improve performance solving bugs and searching for possible solutions
  • Multiple Data Sources

    gathers relevant info from multiple data sources (ITS, BTS, code repositories, blogs, forums, portals, eMail, etc.)
  • Talent Monitoring

    Improve task assignment & triage processes on OSS Communities: assign developers based on skills , expertise and participation
  • Social Coding

    Automatically Create & Show developers profile
  • Significantly reduce the amount of time spent by developers on solving issues, investigating and searching different sources for possible solutions with the automation & notification engine and data-collector sensors, and create a new environment that help companies reduce corporate legacy collaboration tools and embrace Web 2.0 tools Go to Software development
  • ALERT provides Analysis tools to stay on top of the Project Status and Team’s Contribution … managers, team managers and even developers can have an overview of the project’s status Go to Software development
  • ALERT provides automated profile creation of expertise, skills and project contribution … for developers to show off and also for management and for recruiting purposes Go to Software development

Learn more how ALERT can help you and your organization be more productive

  • Stay updated on current project status with no need of more reporting tools
  • Plan, assign and optimize team resources to all projects by evaluating skills of your team members to assign the right people to new projects or modules within a project.
  • Search and read auto-generated developer profiles to check the team project performance objectives or to hire new developers with the expected skills.

ALERT can extend online service providers service portfolio to allow interaction with developers

  • ALERT can be integrated with third party organizations that offer collaboration & communication tools; social coding online services; or desktop or online development tools. Please contact us for more information about how available ALERT technology and services can extend your products.

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